Who Is Marlon Brando’s Spouse?

Find out everything you want to know about Marlon Brando’s spouse here.  Did you know that the famous Hollywood actor was married more than once?  In fact, Brando married three women and had numerous affairs during his marriages.  Marlon Brandon fans might be shocked to hear that his private life was by no means straight forward!  In fact, the acclaimed Hollywood actor had a very tumultuous personal history.  He hated his own father; he lost his children and as mentioned, had more than one spouse.  Perhaps it was his desperate private life that helped him channel his energy into his movie characters because without doubt, Marlon Brando was one of the best actors the world has ever seen.

Marlon Brando did not only have one wife as we’ve already told you, so the question, who is Marlon Brando’s spouse – should be rephrased to how many wives did Marlon have?  Marlon Brandon was married three times.  It’s believed he had fifteen children but there may be more.  As well as three wives, Brando had numerous affairs and failed relationships – reportedly one with Richard Pryor, the comedian actor.

Who Is Marlon Brando’s Spouse?  Wife Number 1

A picture in black and white with Marlon Brando and Anna Kafshi in 1957.

Anna Kashfi was Brando’s first wife who he married in 1957.  During their marriage, Brando had many affairs, which eventually led to their divorce in 1959.  Anna was the mother of his son Christian who was the center of terrible news stories in his life.  The first horrific incident occurred when Anna Kashfi arranged for Christian to be kidnapped for $10,000, while Marlon was on location filming.  This is the type of story that you might think belonged on a Hollywood screen.

Who was Marlon Brando’s spouse – Wife Number 2

Marlon Brando and Movita Castaneda posing a picture together.

Marlon Brando married Movita Cataneda just one year after his divorce to Kashfi.  He met Movita on the set of the movie Viva Zapata and they had two children together.  They got divorced within two years after Marlon met his third wife, Tarita Teriipaia in 1962.

Who Is Marlon Brandon’s Spouse?  Wife Number 3

Marlon Brando and Tarita Teriipaia posing together in photos in black and white.

His third wife was Tarita Teriipaia.  Marlon Brando met her while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in 1962 when she was just 19 years ago, almost twenty years his junior.  Marlon had a daughter with Tarita called Cheyenne (and two other children), who was the center of a controversial crime that occurred at Marlon Brando’s mansion in May 1990.  On that night, Marlon Brandon’s son Christian (from his first marriage) murdered his daughter’s boyfriend, Dag Drollet.  Cheyenne was eight months pregnant at the time.  This was just one of the harrowing moments that haunted Brando’s troubled life.  Just five years later, Cheyenne committed suicide.

Extra Marital Affairs

A portrait from Marlon Brando in black and white and over-colored with red and yellow.

During the time of his marriage to Tarita, Marlon had an affair with a Guatemalan maid called Maria Cristina Ruiz.  He never married her, even though they had three children together.  It is widely reported that Marlon Brando had an affair with Jackie Kennedy in 1964, a year after US President John F Kennedy was shot dead and there are some reports that Brando may have also had a homosexual affair with comedian Richard Pryor. Although this is widely believed to be a rumor.  Brando also had a romantic link with famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe in 1955, although Brando claimed that it was a casual relationship and they only had sex a few times, he said that Monroe wasn’t his type!

It was also reported that Marlon Brando had a fling with authoress Jackie Collins in the 1950s, Collins was 14 years his junior and it is believed the pair met at a party.  It was a short-lived affair – and there are other reports that say that Brando also had an affair with Jackie’s sister, Hollywood actress Joan Collins.

So Marlon Brando certainly wasn’t short of leading ladies in his life, but it seems that none of them brought him long-lasting happiness.  In answer to the question who is Marlon Brando’s spouse?  There were three, and none of them were married to him when he died on July 1st, 2004.  Find out more about Marlon Brando’s troubled life by clicking on this link: https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/marlon-brando-biography.


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