The most effective method to fix issues with your Roku player

Roku provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. With thousands of available channels visit here for more details.

Most Roku player issues can be fixed by evaluating a portion of the means beneath. Continue checking if your concern is settled after each progression. In the event that it is, you won’t have to go any further.


Investigating steps –

Stage 1 : Unplug your Roku and switch

  •  Unplug both your remote switch and Roku player.
  • Hold up a couple of moments. At that point plug your switch back in first, trailed by your Roku.

You won’t have to set up your container in the wake of doing this. Simply head over to the primary menu and attempt the NOW TV application once more.


Stage 2 : Reset your container

Watch that your Roku player is connected first. This will restore the container to its default processing plant settings.


  • Find the RESET opening at the back.
  • Push a stick into the opening, and hold it down for around 30 seconds until the container resets.


Stage 3 : Fix the association with your system

Impair organize pings:

Attempting to associate your Roku player to your remote system or seeing a mistake 014 message? Attempt this basic arrangement :

  • Press these catches rapidly on your remote control:
    • Home x5
    • Quick Forward x1
    • Play x1
    • Rewind x1
    • Play x1
  • Select Disable Network Pings from the choices that show up on the following screen.
  • Return, discover the Connection Setup screen and have a go at associating with your system once more.


In case you’re a Virgin Media client :

You may need to make a Guest Network for your Roku. This additional progression just ensures the individual and money related subtleties on your Virgin system – for your genuine feelings of serenity.


Stage 4 : Manually change your information settings

Changing the measure of ‘bits’ of information (the geek term is bitrate) gushing through your Roku player could improve your image quality.


  • Press these catches on your remote control:
    • Home x5
    • Rewind x3
    • Quick Forward x2
  • You’ll see a screen with different bitrate choices. Simply select ‘Programmed’ and have a go at watching your program once more.


Stage 5 : Move your Roku player

Your remote sign quality changes in various pieces of your home. For example, certain family unit apparatuses can square it, or there may even be ‘dead spots’.

Contingent upon where your Roku player is found, you may see an improvement in the event that you reposition it. Basically draw it nearer to your remote switch and check if that has any kind of effect.


Stage 6 : Check for refreshes

This updates your product, fixing any shortcomings all the while.

  • Start by squeezing your NOW TV remote control fastens in a specific order :
    • Home x5
    • Quick Forward x3
    • Rewind x2
  • Select the Update Software choice that shows up on the following screen.
  • Press OK, regardless of whether you as of now have the most recent form.


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