The Best TV Shows – 2021

Where would we all be without television?  In the past, there were few channels to enjoy but now there are literally hundreds, as well as the streaming services Amazon, Netflix, and Apple TV to name just a few.  They’re just jam-packed with brilliant tv series to either binge-watch in one sitting or to drop in and out of as you wish.  With so many tv shows to watch, including drama, thrillers, real-life crime stories, documentaries, romances, and reality – what are the best TV shows, 2021?  We’ve got a list of the top must-sees and if you haven’t seen all of them, you’re in for a treat!


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HBO is home to Hacks which involves character Deborah Vance (a little like Joan Rivers) as a comedian and big player in Las Vegas).  She’s worried that her lifespan as a comedian is slowly eroding because she’s getting older and complacent.  A newbie comes to town, up and coming Hannah Einbinder and suddenly Deborah has to try a little bit harder to improve her act.  It’s full of satire, lots of laughs and acid tongued put-downs.  Expect female rivalry at its best in this entertaining series that’s sure to return for future seasons. Watch this, it’s one of the best tv shows 2021.

This Is Us

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If you haven’t yet watched This Is Us on Amazon Prime, then you’re in for a treat.  This is one of the best tv shows, 2021 and the latest series is actually just out (2022).  As for the other series, you can watch them too. Meet the Pearson family, consisting of triplets and their parents, uncle, girlfriends, boyfriends, adopted children and more.  The Pearsons are not a “normal” American family, but they are normal-ish.  It’s the story of the triplets’ lives (one of them is an adopted black baby) and how the grow up.  The story constantly drops into the past and forwards to the future leaving the viewer piecing together the puzzle.  It’s beautifully written, often poignant, and sometimes you need that box of Kleenex close by.

Superman and Lois



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The pair reunite in this TV series which is taking the world by storm!  Lois and Superman are now married and parents to twins. Their boys are teenagers and as well as family life, they must also deal with their superpowers.  The family are living on a farm in Smallville and are trying to live as normal a life as possible – but if you’re married to Superman, how can life be anything but normal?  This one’s a lot of fun!

It’s a Sin

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This is one of the best tv shows 2021. A British drama focusses on the heady 1980s when being gay in the United Kingdom was still seen as a crime.  It follows the journey of a group of gay friends, who live together in the big city and spend much of their spare time at wild, drunken parties.  Eventually Aids catches up with them and there follows the journey of bringing down the stigma of being gay and having Aids.  It’s an eye-opening series that displays the bigotry of the generation of middle-aged Brits.  It’s quite graphic though so if you don’t want lots of nudity on TV, tune out.  If you don’t mind it, you’ll love this pretty historically accurate tale.

The White Lotus

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Quite frankly this is one of the absolute best TV shows of 2021 and focusses on a hotel in Hawaii which is frequented by rich, upper-class Americans.  We get to know different American families and their dysfunctional dynamics as well as meet a newlywed couple who have had very a different upbringing to each other.  There’s also an alcoholic divorcee and a deranged hotel manager who tries to hide the fact that he’s gay.  While it’s often comedic, it’s also dramatically dark and different, with a murder involved and a cool twist right at the very end.

Get Back

One of the best tv shows, 2021, this is a documentary show which features unseen footage of the Beatles, it restores nearly 60 hours of film shot for the original documentary Let it Be.  Split into three 6-hour documentaries you’ll get to see the interpersonal relationships between the fab four and their wives.  Expect some incredible sounds too as you hear the Beatles jam and practice new lyrics while creating the music that still lives on today.  It’s a fly-on-the-wall documentary suitable for anyone who loves music.  You’ll also bear witness how the four did their song writing – which was often under the influence of alcohol and drugs, probably why it became so iconic such was the artistry!

Ted Lasso

Ted returned to our screens in 2021 with the second season and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  This is one of the best tv shows 2021, and is the story of American soccer coach Ted Lasso who descends on London to manage ailing soccer team AFC Richmond but there’s another reason he’s drafted in and that’s to ruin them.  The owner of the soccer team has left his wife for a younger model, and she’s left in charge.  Her revenge is to try to ruin her ex-husband’s soccer team by bringing in inexperienced soccer manager Ted. However, Ted proves to be quite a good manager and a great friend too.  The second series is a little darker than the first as it delves into mental health in the sports’ world, and we learn more about the intricacies of each character.  It’s got a little bit of everything and never fails to delight.

The Mare of Easttown

Mare is the main character, played by Kate Winslet and she’s a detective living in Easttown, Philadelphia who’s also the no-nonsense type.  This is a thrilling ride that’s character led and builds up with each episode.   The area is a poor part of town full of no-hopers and drug addicted individuals.  A girl has gone missing, but she’s never been found and a year later, another girl is murdered.  It’s up to Mare to find the underlying cause of the mysteries and she’s paired with a hotshot detective from the city.  With amazing performances from all of the cast – you don’t want to miss this one of the best tv shows 2021!

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