The Best Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Iconic Alfred Hitchcock movies are still revered today as some of the best crime/thriller movies in the genre.  Few people can watch the bathtub murder scene in Psycho without hiding behind their eyes and even today, Alfred Hitchcock movies are just as striking and just as frightening as when they first ever aired.  There’s no doubt, Alfred Hitchcock was top of his game and few movies are as memorable.  To that end, we’ve got a list of the top ten Alfred Hitchcock movies for you – have you seen all of them?  If not, it’s time to curl up on the couch and grab a pillow to hide behind when they become just a little too scary to watch without a prop to keep you from screaming aloud!  This list is in no particular order.

Suspicion – 1941

The cover of Suspicion from Gary Grant and Joan Fontaine

This black and white movie features suave and dashing John Aysgarth played by iconic Hollywood actor, Cary Grant.  John woos beautiful Lina and the couple elope to get married.  There follows an elaborate honeymoon when Lina soon realizes that John isn’t quite the charmer, she thought he was.  John is broke, he borrows money from wherever he can and has his eyes on Lina’s family fortune.  There follows lie after lie and Lina begins to fear for her life.  A psychological thriller that will leave you hanging off the edge of your seat – it’s one of Hitchcock’s finest!

The Lodger, A Tale of the London Fog – 1927

The shadow of a man in black by the Lodger cover.

Ivor Novello turns up at a house in London just at the same time as a serial murderer named The Avenger is loose around the city.  Women keep on dying and society is worried.  The family wonder if Ivor is indeed the serial killer and if he is, what can they do to stop his rampage?  This is a chilling tale that’s bound to make you wary of the strangers who ring on your doorbell.

Sabotage – 1936

Another one of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, Sabotage is about a young woman who lives in London, married to a cinema owner.  She suspects that her husband is part of a terrorist ring, causing havoc in the capital city.  The police are already investigating him and just when he’s planning to release a bomb, the police plan their arrest.  However, whether or not they succeed you’ll have to watch to find out.  It’s suspenseful and frightening with an exceptional ending.

Lifeboat – 1944

This Alfred Hitchcock movie was adapted from a novel by John Steinbeck.  The entire movie takes place on a lifeboat that’s carrying a crew of survivors who’ve experienced an attack on their passenger ship.  It’s a blend of different people, civilians, merchant sailors and sailors, along with one German man.  During the journey, suspicions arrive, and paranoia sets in.  The survivors start to fight amongst themselves.  A slightly different style to Hitchcock’s regular movies, it’s a rip-roaring thriller that will leave you gasping.

Frenzy – 1972

The character of Frenzy with a tongue-thrust expression.

One of Hitchcock’s later movies, this is set in London where there’s another murderer in the city strangling random strangers using his necktie.  It particularly focusses on Covent Garden and there’s more excitement than ever before – there’s even some nudity!  Expect a gripping tale with plenty of suspense.

Dial M for Murder – 1954

This Alfred Hitchcock movie is one of the most famous of all.  Meet Tony, a retired tennis player who’s burning up with jealousy after finding out that his wife is having an affair with an American writer.  He plots to murder her and get hold of her money, managing to blackmail an old friend to do his dirty work.  Of course, things don’t go quite according to plan – but Tony switches tact and decides to frame his wife for murder instead, leading to her being sentenced to death.  Can she be saved?  You’ll have to watch it to find out.

Rebecca – 1940

A couple looking at each other’s eyes from Sierra Leone.

This adult movie is a psychological thriller that gained Hitchcock eleven Oscar nominations.  A young lady marries Maxim de Winter (played by Laurence Olivier) who takes her to his country estate, Manderley.  The housekeeper, Mrs Danvers, fails to warm her, she still misses Maxim’s first wife Rebecca who’s memory soon begins to haunt Maxim’s new bride.  The events of the past keep returning and eventually, a disaster ensues.

Notorious – 1946

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s best movies, this was led by Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman and is a story about nuclear secrets that have been leaked into the wrong hands.  Bergman plays the daughter of a Nazi spy, and her role is to hunt down fugitive Nazis in South America.

Shadow of a Doubt – 1943

The couple characters from Shadow of Doubts from Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece series.

This is another superb psychological thriller.  It focusses on Charlotte, a teenager who is delighted when her fun Uncle Charlie visits.  He comes with gifts and presents and a very generous bank account but not everything is as it seems.  He gives Charlotte a locket – but no one knows where it came from and why doesn’t he like having his photograph taken?  Another suspenseful one of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies with a cracking climax!

The Birds – 1973

This is probably Hitchcock’s most famous movie.  Starring Tippi Hedren who is attacked by a gull while she is on a beach.  From that moment on, the birds keep on attacking her until a swarm of angry birds overcomes her – how can she escape and stop the attacks and why are they attacking her?

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